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Rangeland Technology Equipment Council

The Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council (RTEC) is an informal organization of land managers, engineers, academia, and private industry representatives interested in developing new rehabilitation equipment and strategies.  The roots of RTEC go back to 1946 when the need for new site preparation and seeding equipment to increase forage production on western USA rangelands led to the organization of the Reseeding Equipment Development Committee that was later (1958) renamed the Range Seeding Equipment Committee.  These committees were instrumental in developing the rangeland rehabilitation equipment, the rangeland drill being the most well known implement and it is still in use today.

In 1974 this committee was renamed the Vegetative Rehabilitation and Equipment Workshop (VREW) to reflect the diversity and broadened interest of new members.  Annual VREW meetings were held in association with the Society for Range Management’s (SRM) annual meeting (meetings continue to this day) and the proceedings of these meeting were published by the Forest Service until 1991.  Several other RTEC publications, “Facilities for Handling, Sheltering and Trailing Livestock” and “Fences” are available for purchase through the SRM at:

In 1990, VREW was reorganized as RTEC to include new emphasis on innovative technology and strategies to improve revegetation success on disturbed rangelands.  The RTEC mission statement is to:

Promote the wise use and improvement of rangelands through the supporting functions of equipment development and application of innovative technology.

Focus areas and goals for RTEC include:

1.  Site Preparation and Seeding--- Encourage the development of innovative site preparation and seeding equipment.

2.  Plant Materials---Promote the management, evaluation and selection of plant materials that fulfill resource needs.

3.  Fire---Promote rangeland improvement through the application of the latest fire technology and equipment.

4.  Seedbed Ecology---Determine site characteristics and seed establishment relationships and improve seeding success utilizing new technologies.

5.  Weed Management---Develop new strategies and equipment to manage or eradicate weed infestations.

6.  Structures---Promote the development of innovative, effective and economical range improvements.

7.  Information and Publications---Assemble and widely distribute information concerning equipment and new technology.

In 2001 RTEC undertook the updating of the 1980 VREW publication, “Revegetation Equipment Catalog.”  This catalog served as a valuable resource for land managers but was sorely outdated.  Funding to update this catalog was provided by the USDI Bureau of Land Management’s Great Basin Restoration Initiative via the “Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project” and the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station.  Professor Harold Wiedemann (former RTEC Chair) was contracted to update the catalog that is now posted on this Texas A&M website.  This publication is web-based to facilitate updates and additions to the equipment descriptions.

Appreciation is given to Texas A&M University’s Departments of Biological and Agricultural Engineering for technical assistance and hosting the website, the Rangeland Ecology and Management Department for photographic assistance, and to Nancy Shaw, FS Rocky Mountain Research Station, for contract administration and manuscript review.  Finally, the efforts of Harold Wiedemann and Steve Monsen in sustaining RTEC and having the vision and drive to update the Equipment Catalog are greatly appreciated.  

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